Network and Operations Plant Manager

Supervises all central office and remote switching unit operations, including acceptance testing of new equipment and bonding and grouping of digital switching equipment installations.  Supervises the outside plant and ensures that subscriber loops are properly connected and maintained, and directing daily checks of toll, extended area service (EAS) and other types of trunks.  Conducts traffic studies, reviews equipment trouble records, prepares specifications for new equipment, and makes periodic maintenance and progress reports to assistant manager or general manager.  Operate network, design and develop telecommunication infrastructure, support and service the network through technology integration and network capacity planning for voice, data, and video communications. Plus any other duties that may be assigned.  This position reports to the assistant manager or, in the absence of the assistant manager, the general manager.

Combination Technician

Installs, maintains, and services telephone lines, cable terminal, protection devices, FTTH/fiber splicing, and customer owned equipment. Will also diagnose and repair trouble in switching equipment, voice frequency repeaters. This person is responsible for other duties and he or she may be assigned.