Features may be activated for a free 30 day trial period.


Automatic Recall lets you dial the last incoming call you received whether or not you

answered the phone. When you activate Automatic Recall, the system tells you the

directory number of the last incoming call and then gives you the choice of continuing the

recall or ending the recall. If you recall and the line is busy, Automatic Recall will keep

trying the number for up to 30 minutes.


Automatic Callback works like an enhanced redial button. If the line you're trying to reach

is busy, the Automatic Callback keeps trying the number for up to 30 minutes. Once both

lines are idle, you'll hear a special ring. When you pick up the handset, the system will ring

the party you're trying to reach.


Calling number/Name Delivery identifies the number (and the name, if available) of the

calling party. After the phone rings once, the caller's number/name appears on the

display. The date and time of the incoming call is also displayed. NOTE: You must own or

lease a display phone or an attachment that displays the number/name.


Call Forwarding allows you to send your calls from your home phone to another

number. When Call Forwarding is activated, your phone will signal with a short ring each

time it forwards a call. You can make outgoing calls but you can't receive incoming calls,

unless you deactivate Call Forwarding.


This feature allows you to program your home phone from remote locations to call forward

to a number that you assign.


While you're on the phone, Call Waiting notifies you when another caller is trying to reach

you. By simply pressing on the switchhook (or flash button), you can place one caller on

hold and speak to the second caller. Cancel Call Waiting *70 allows you to temporarily

deactivate your Call Waiting so that you can ensure no interruptions during the important

phone call. This feature can be used to deactivate Call Waiting during the use of a fax

machine or computer modem.


If you disconnect your phone and would like an announcement stating your new number.


Selective Call Acceptance stores up to ten directory numbers from which you will accept

calls. An incoming call from a directory number not on your list will receive a message

stating that you're not taking calls right now.


Selective Call Forwarding ensures that specific calls will reach you when you're away from

home or the office. You are able to program up to ten specific directory numbers to be



Selective Call Rejection allows you to selectively program a list of up to ten directory

numbers that you want rejected or blocked when they call you. The rejected or blocked

caller receives a message informing him/her that you're not taking calls. Your phone won't



This feature allows you to forward a call to another number if your phone is busy. You can

forward to another telephone number or to voice mail.


Distinctive Ringing allows you to program ten directory numbers that will be identified by a

distinctive ring when they call you. If you also have call waiting and you're engaged in a

phone conversation when a call from someone on your distinctive ring list arrives, you will

hear a distinctive call waiting tone.


Call controller allows you to control each outgoing long distance call with a PIN number. To

place a 1+ or 0+ call simply dial the phone number you want to call followed by your PIN

number. If you don't know the pin, you can't make a long distance call. Call Controller can

be optioned to allow 800 type calls or not.


Toll Restriction allows you block all long distance calls, including 800 and 0+ calls. Or you

may choose an option that blocks only direct dialed calls.


This service allows you to have a second telephone number assigned to your existing

line. Any customer who wants to have some of the advantages of a second line at a small

cost can use it. How does it work? All incoming calls on a teen line number will have two

short rings, so the customer can distinguish which line is being called. If you have call

waiting and are on a call, you will hear two short beeps if the incoming call is on the teen

line number.


Eliminates the need for an answering machine plus gives you many advantages. One

advantage is that you can have more than one mailbox per line.


Warm Line is designed to help our customers in the case of an emergency. If the customer

picks up the phone and fails to dial within 30 seconds, a predetermined number is

automatically dialed. The customer selects the number to be dialed and we program it into

the switch. There will be a charge to change it.


This feature allows you to add a third person to your phone conversations.


Toll restriction that can be overridden with a special code.


Directs most calls to a recording stating that you are not receiving calls from Telemarketers

while letting all other calls through.


Speed calling lets you program your phone to dial a complete phone number (7 or 10 digits)

in response to entering a 1 or 2 digit code. Speed calling comes in a short list (8 numbers)

or in a long list (30 numbers). If you have the short list, you can easily change to the large

list by calling our office.


Will provide repair work at no charge for your inside telephone wiring.


Allows you to pre-pay your long distance charges and when you have used up your minutes,

it restricts you until you pre-pay again.


Directory number hunt feature requires two telephone lines going into a location. When the

main line is in use and another call comes in, the hunt feature picks up and sends it to the

second line.


Your phone number will be displayed on every call you make to those who subscribe to

Caller name/number ID. This option will automatically block your number from displaying

on caller ID boxes. If you wish to have your number/name display you must dial *82

before making the call.


Activating by dialing 869/895-WAKE. You can set up a wake up call or a reminder notice on

something you need every day.


Forwards an incoming call and specifies up to six telephone numbers to ring at the same

time, in succession, or a combination of when they receive a call.

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