Thank you for becoming a Kennebec Telephone Company Customer!

Monthly rate for basic phone service in your home, is $18.00.  Ag/Res & Residential business, the rate is $18.00 per month.  And for business phones the basic rate is $25.00.  Remember these rates do not include taxes or fees.

Remember you are welcome to use any long distance carrier that you choose.  Kennebec Telephone offers the following:

Real Deal - no monthly charge, only pay when you use it.  And then it's only $.14 per minute.

Bucket of Minutes - 200 minutes each month for $15 (sorry no roll- over minutes)

KDL Unlimited Long Distance - $21.95 per month

Phone Features Available too!

Voice mail, caller Id, Call forwarding, Call waiting, 3 way calling, Find me, plus many more, most for less than $5.00 a month per service.  Ask for feature brochure!

Installation Charge ------------------------------$45.00

Prepayment - no long Distance-----------------$50.00

with long distance--------------------------------$150.00

TechBundle Discount:

If your monthly bill (left column) is between the left column you will get the discount in the right column.

$60.00 - $100.00   $4.00 discount
$101.00 - $140.00  $6.00 discount
$141.00 - $180.00   $8.00 discount
$181.00 - $200.00  $10.00 discount
$201.00 or more  $12.00 discount

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